Director's Messages

“We help brands reach their consumers with the right messages on their path to purchase, at the right time and in the right context.”

Our approach is based on one powerful principle: a winning strategy begins with precise consumer insight and impeccable business science. In this, we are unrivalled. Proprietary technology drives our business science capabilities and insights, fuelling our ongoing growth and position as the largest media investment management organization in the world. Our scale powers our agencies’ efficiency, paired with the inventiveness of our people; we are able to create unique and lucrative marketing opportunities for clients.

We provide clients a custom strategic plan reflecting their unique view of their campaign. Agency diversity in our portfolio means there’s a perfect fit for every client -- no matter their size, their industry or business goals.

We invest in people, content, technology and data to make its agencies optimally effective and efficient for clients, providing intelligence to find or create valuable audiences and outcomes. Our leadership, inventiveness and scale drive success for our clients, partners and people.

KRAFT is a brand merchandise company that integrates creativity, technology and committed professionals, into an organization that supports the branding and marketing initiatives of our corporate customers.

We provide our customers with the highest quality business solutions that further increase the brand loyalty with our clients, future prospects and employees. Our business operates consistently with our Core Values and in an environment where individuals are respected & encouraged.

Our vision is to constantly provide more and more innovative solutions to add value to our clients and our vendors. We will do everything humanly possible to accomplish our client’s unique needs with complete dedication.

Our mission is to continuously revolutionize the Advertisement agency market. We take great pride in consistently bringing new value and innovation while upholding ethics and compliance to gain support from the clients. Thank you for your continuous understanding and support.

Founded 19 years back; providing ad tech solutions through our marketing solution tool and creating offices in Patna, Ranchi & New Delhi in order to better support our national clients.

As our company slogan is “we believe our success is built on creating and maintaining a strong work relationship with our clients....”; we will continue to innovatively challenge ourselves to become the support and answer the needs of our clients.

KRAFT Outdoor Media Private Limited is working in all States of Eastern India (especially in Bihar & Jharkhand). State-wide coverage, Key Teams for work executions, Grass-root knowledge and Strong local-approaches are our basic strengths. We have strong & equal holds on both geographic regions - URBAN & RURAL (expect some parts). Since 2007, we are working on different product categories in different income groups, education levels & geographical regions.