Our Overview

KRAFT Outdoor Media Private Limited is Bihar based Outdoor Advertising Agency, working in all States of Eastern India (especially in Bihar & Jharkhand). State-wide coverage, Key Teams for work executions, Event Managements, Grass-root knowledge and Strong local-approaches are our basic strengths. Besides construction of Billboards, Hoardings, Unipoles, Innovation display Media, Overhead Gantry, Parks and its maintenance including street lights we have organized many events in the State; as Advertising Company we have launched many companies in the State of Bihar & Jharkhand at different city/towns. We have strong & equal holds on both geographic regions. We are working on different product categories in different income groups, education levels & geographical regions. Outdoor Advertising is our core business. We are also engaged in Rural as well as Urban parts of Bihar & Jharkhand. Our extended territory is West Bengal and Orissa also.

We, KRAFT Outdoor Media Private Limited group are specially engaged in Brand Promotion through all media of advertising & marketing in Eastern India. We have a lot of young, energetic and experienced Human Resources in our Executing Teams. These teams are capable to implement and successfully performed any advertising activities in any parts of our Business territory.

We set our sight on solutions that work for you and your brand. We consider ‘Brand Psychology’ essential for what we do and think. We believe offline stores are meeting points for customers who shop online. This is the time when brands can emulate all the things said and promised. We stress on re-inventing things, a lot. Our core focus is on empowering the cause of small and mid-sized businesses. We want to bring the power of digital marketing into every single hand. We Think We Feel We Act.

KRAFT is about launching an action, in technical. We came together to form a place where digital connects with creative forces in all its glory. KRAFT is about making two distant ends meet – Client and the Company. One of the key responsibilities is to add value and flavour of timeless essence to every campaign we plan. We’ve learned with time that people remember how a particular brand triggered a sense of fear or comfort by going beyond how a brand connects with its audience. We find ways to thrill excite and delight our audiences in simplest of the ways. Like your favourite superhero, we’ll do everything to uphold the dignity of your brand We challenge brands to push the boundaries and seek new frontiers. Our aim is to create brand-specific digital and offline marketing campaigns that put organizations right into the action.

Our Management Structure for Controlling Projects:
  • Executing Teams & Team Leaders
  • Supervisors / Area Coordinator
  • Project Coordinators
Ad Concepts:

We believe in modern concepts of advertising & marketing. Our teams are well-trained in modern concepts as well as some old traditional concepts also. Our basis strengths and qualities are to co-ordinate perfectly with both (Modern & Traditional) techniques in execution.

We are offering our services for all brand categories (Commercial & Social)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Event Management
  • Media Campaigns
  • Branding through Mobile Van Display
Some Facts prove our distinctions:
  • Self Implementation Network
  • Expertise in all Brand Categories
  • Provides round the clock monitoring services
  • Micro interior approach in Rural Areas

Business Locations:

  • 150+ billboard in Patna and 400+ in other districts of Bihar.
  • 250+ Branding spaces in Patna and Bihar
  • 150+ Branding in Jharkhand
  • 4000+ Branding with our Associates
Our Experiences:

Besides construction of Billboard, Hoardings, Unipoles, Traffic Posts, Traffic Booths, Traffic Cabins, Overhead Gantry, Parks, Iron Chains for Dividers and its maintenance including street lights we have organized many events in the State as well out of State; as an Advertising Company we have launched many companies in the State of Bihar at different city/towns. Agreement with Bihar State Road Transport Corporation, Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Limited, North East Railway, Traffic Police Department of Patna, Entire city of Patna and many cities of other district of Bihar. We have got several appreciations by the Government of Bihar, Patna in connection with work performance and successful completion of allotted works.


We are holding a good number of skilled and unskilled employees. They are employed as per the Government norms being benefited with P.P.F. and Insurance (ESI).


We, the KRAFT, have an experienced group of workers, who are ready to give their best of performance to you and the services provided by us are up to the mark